Explorers Guide Maritime Academy is downsizing 

Remember you can always contact to do the proctor exams. Just call us at 920-733-5500 to schedule an exam.


Our online program is going through a number of changes. Brenda and I are stepping down from the online portion of the business to spend a little more time in retirement. 

Capt Bobby Carsey has taken over the online classes with our sister company Explorers Guide Online.com. He will be offering a great selection of courses and customer service.

We have emailed many of you about the October 1, 2019 closure date. That give's you 60 days to complete any course work. Exams can be given after that date; however access to the course materials will not be available. I suggest downloading the course material using the moodle mobile app.

Our courses were set up just like any college type courses with completion in 26 weeks or less.

Bobby will continue to offer the same courses. He can be reached at ExplorersGuideonline.com

Take Care and Fair Winds

Capt Gary and First Mate Brenda