Available courses

Personal Safety and Social ResponsibilitySelf enrolment

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility course is part of the basic training required as part of Standards of Training Certification  and Watch Keeping. This is a four hour course covering six lessons. Once completed you will need to take a live proctored exam at one of our approved location.


Online Course DemoGuest access

Course Demo. This course provides an overview of the Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy online course format.

Explore how the presentations are laid out, the formats used, and how the testing works. Then go online to www.explorersguidellc.com and register!



OUPV Inland, Great Lakes, and Near Coastal Online. Course is divided into four section which match the four exams. Work through them in order or as you want.


OUPV to Masters Upgrade

OUPV to Masters Upgrade. If you want to operate an inspected vessel, you need a masters license for that tonnage and route. This course provides a way to upgrade your existing OUPV license to a Master of Vessel 100 Tons.

The exact tonnage of your upgraded license you would receive depends on your sea service - 25-Ton, 50-Ton, or 100-Ton.


OUPV to Mate less than 200 TonsSelf enrolment

Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel to Mate less than 200 Tons


Able Seaman

An able seaman (AB) is an unlicensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship.  The course is divided into seven modules. While they can be completed in any order, all the presentation must be reviewed and exercises completed. You will need to take the knot tying assessment and lifeboatman course.  Once the class is completed the final proctored exams can be completed.


Lifeboatman Limited w/o PracticalSelf enrolment

This course is intended to meet the requirements to obtain a Lifeboatman Limited
endorsement per 46 cfr 12.409.  Each student who successfully completes this course will be able to successful
launch and recover a rescue craft and survive in a liferaft when they abandonship.

You will need to have documented a practical launch and recovery of a rescue craft on the required NMC form.


Navigational Rules of the Road

Navigational Rules of the Road. As in travel on roadways, waterways have a set of rules and regulations that must be followed. These navigation rules are part of international treaties and the Code of Federal Code  Regulation 33 CFR.

While the Rules can be dificult for many to grasp, our course leads you through the Rules in a way that is easier to learn and remember.


Marine Radio Operator PermitPayPal

Marine Radio Operator Permit course. This course teaches the basics of operating marine electronic devices such as VHF radio, Single Side Band Radio, EPIRB's, and more. At the end of the online course, students are required to take a proctored final exam to get the FCC- issued MROP.


Auxiliary Sail EndorsementSelf enrolment

The Auxiliary Sail Endorsement is required for a Master who is in charge of a sailing vessel. The four-hour course covers Why Boats Fly, Commands, Parts of a Sailboat, Types of Sailing Vessels, and Rules of the Road for Sailing Vessels.

Prerequisites: An existing Masters license or concurrent enrollment in either the Master 100 Ton or OUPV to Master Upgrade courses are required for this endorsement, as are 180 days of sailing experience. Students are expected to have a basic understanding of sailing.


Assistance TowingGuest access requires passwordSelf enrolment

Assistance Towing Endorsement. This course is approved by the NMC for the Assistance Towing endorsement, and may be added to either an OUPV or Masters license. It is designed for boat captains who would like to tow a disabled vessel for a fee. Captains are required by the USCG to hold an Assistance Towing Endorsement on their Merchant Mariner Credential to be able to assist vessels that have run aground, are disabled, or have run out of fuel. Course is 4 hours in length and covers towing equipment and towing forces.


Boatsetter University for Affiliate ProgramGuest accessSelf enrolment

Partnership between Boatsetter and Explorers Guide Maritime Academy